11: Turn Your Doer Skills Into CEO Brilliance with Brooke Elder
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Join host Cassie Adkins and special guest Brooke Elder on this episode of You're Not Actually A Leader Yet. Brooke shares her insights on transitioning from a doer to a visionary leader. Drawing from her experiences in building six businesses and sailing across the Atlantic. Discover the challenges business founders face when stepping into the CEO role, the importance of systematizing processes, and the impact of being a servant leader. Find out how Brooke's upcoming venture, True North, aims to align family and business goals, emphasizing the significance of creating a supportive company culture. Tune in for valuable leadership lessons and actionable strategies.

Brooke Elder works with coaches, consultants and agency owners to stay connected to their purpose by streamlining their business through systems and automation.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Founder transitioning to CEO mindset challenges
  • Importance of training team for successful delegation
  • Balancing visionary thinking and operational doer tasks
  • Learning to avoid unnecessary business pivots and disruptions
  • Implementing servant leadership to empower employees


05:20 Importance of gradual change, systems, and leadership in business for employee well-being.

11:54 The struggle of balancing visionary and doer roles in business.

19:14 Starting True North to align family and business.

20:43 Enabling business success through effective systems and structure.

25:15 Janitor's absence humbled the CEO by realizing their value.

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