10: Master Self-Leadership Before Leading Others with Rob Cressy
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In this compelling episode of You're Not Actually A Leader Yet, host Cassie Adkins and guest high-performance coach Rob Cressy dive deep into the essence of self-leadership. Discover transformative lessons on how to turn failures into growth opportunities and the power of owning your emotions. With personal anecdotes on choosing peace over victimhood, practical tips for self-improvement routines, and a call to embrace your journey, this episode is packed with insights to help you lead yourself before leading others. Get ready to empower yourself with the tools and mindset for sustainable motivation and success.

Rob Cressy is a high performance coach, committed to helping leaders grow their business & life together. With expertise in personal development, brand building, and AI, he helps you build better habits, routines, and mindsets to keep winning for the long haul.

Key Topics Discussed:

  • Importance of self-leadership and self-awareness
  • Routines and habits for personal improvement
  • Embracing challenges for growth, not defeat
  • Developing emotional awareness and communication
  • Shifting perspectives and adopting neutral thinking


03:12 Self-leadership is essential for effective leadership.

07:05 Becoming a systems person starts with simplicity.

12:25 Start with simple daily actions to lead yourself effectively.

15:45 Embracing positivity, setting intentions for improvement and taking actionable steps.

19:00 Neutral thinking for positive change.

24:01 Reflect on emotions, analyze and make intentional shifts.

30:01 Self-leadership requires pushing through comfort zones.

33:06 Self-awareness and empathy in leadership are crucial.

36:19 Never waste a failure.

39:16 Realizing self-defeating behaviour, choosing positive change instead.

46:07 Believing in yourself.

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